School History

Our journey began in September 2015 with an enrolment of 20 Junior Infants, a principal (Mr. Rory Kinane), a class teacher (Ms. Francesca Hunt) and a room rented from a local secondary school. 9 years later, we have an enrolment of 412 children from Junior Infants to 6th Class and in Sept 21 moved into our permanent school building in Charlesland, Greystones. Mr. Paul Molamphy was appointed as our new Principal in December 2023.

Community National Schools (CNS) are child-centred, multidenominational, publicly-accountable schools which strive to provide high quality education for every child. They give equal opportunities to all children in the communities they serve. Greystones CNS operates under the patronage of the Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board.

We fully implement the Primary School Curriculum as laid out by the Department of Education & Skills. A Literacy Evaluation was conducted in our school by the Department of Education & Science in March 2019 and we were delighted with the outcome. Our school was rated as very good (highest rating possible) in all areas. The published findings can be accessed at this link

Inclusion is something we are passionate about. As professionals, we are continuously upskilling and working to ensure that all children who attend Greystones CNS are supported to achieve to their very best in a holistic sense – academically, physically, socially, culturally and morally.

As a school we have been awarded four Science Foundation of Ireland, Discover Science & Maths Plaques, one Green School and selected to exhibit our CreativiTree Art Display in the National Gallery, all in our four short years. We are currently working on our second Green School Flag and our Active Schools Flag. GAA is a very popular sport among staff and children and now that our children are older, we are beginning to participate in local blitzes and competitions. We have also had recent success in the FAI 5 aside competitions. We use technology innovatively in lessons and are constantly striving for excellence in education. Children have access to ipads, chromebooks, Bee Bots and the highest spec Activpanels loaded with Android software.

With inclusion at the fore, we work closely with our parents and guardians in the holistic education of our children. Parents / Guardians and staff work collaboratively on committees such as the Creative Arts, Green Schools, STEM and Active Schools as well as through our PTP (Parent Teacher Partnership). Parents and guardians work in-class with the children on STEM projects and help with delivery of our literacy programmes. These partnerships will continue to strengthen and flourish as our school grows and develops. We also work with the wider community in the delivery of a full and holistic curriculum to our children. As local citizens, we give back to the community through initiatives such as Junior Tidy Towns.Visiting Greystones CNS

We would ask anyone interested in wishing to speak with the principal to first make an appointment through the school office.
To make an appointment, or for any general queries, please contact Marie, our secretary:
 01 – 287 2170 

We will not be able to accommodate visitors without an appointment.

Notice Board

Enrolment for 24/25 is now closed

Email for more information. You can also visit our Enrol page here

Class Time

Infant Clases – 8.45am-1.25pm
1st Class Upwards – 8.45am – 2.25pm

Side Gate Opened Drop Off - 830am-9.05am

Side Gate Opened – Infant Pick Up @ 1.15pm

Side Gate Closed - 2.45pm