Goodness Me, Goodness You!

Goodness Me, Goodness You! (GMGY) is a multi-belief and values curriculum that has been developed for Community National Schools in collaboration with children, parents and teachers of the schools, the local Education and Training Boards, the Education and Training Board of Ireland, the Department of Education and Skills and assisted by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.

Broadmeadow CNS endorses the aims of the GMGY curriculum. The GMGY curriculum aims to develop:

  • A confident and positive sense of self and group identity, as well as a sense of belonging, while having respect for, and understanding of, the identity and belonging of others. 
  • An understanding of their own and other’s values and in doing so develop as an individual and as a social being and contribute to the good of society. 
  • Their psychological and emotional wellbeing and a positive outlook through critical, creative, collaborative and caring thinking and participation in philosophical inquiry, dialogue and reflection. 
  • An understanding of the diversity of the beliefs that inform their own and other people’s ways of living and respect and appreciate people’s right to express their beliefs.

The GMGY curriculum is a practical expression of the characteristic spirit of the CNS and is lived out through the four areas of My Stories, We are a CNS, Thinking Time and Beliefs and Religions. For more information please visit


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Class Time

Infant Clases – 8.45am-1.25pm
1st Class Upwards – 8.45am – 2.25pm

Side Gate Opened Drop Off - 830am-9.05am

Side Gate Opened – Infant Pick Up @ 1.15pm

Side Gate Closed - 2.45pm